Optimize Your Mind for Limitless Confidence and 
Soul-Satisfying Success
Escape the stressful, hustle and grind 'way' of getting things done without fear or doubt.
It's what we were told we had to do to be successful.

You've been in the grind to create your future.

Sacrificing your short term desires for the long term gain has been the game.

Dancing with the fringe of burnout before taking your foot off the gas is familiar.

Your body and mind is calling out for rest, but you tell yourself just one more hour.

You have a thirst for fulfillment that achievement just isn't satisfying. 

With CATALYST, you can step into a future of conscious, abundant living using the power of intention and your subconscious mind.


Stop overcommitting and over giving

Remove hidden, limiting stories that create frustration

Let go of the need to control

Stop seeking approval from others

Lay the foundation for an inner peace that comes from unflappable confidence. 

In just 15 minutes a day, you can make fear, doubt and overwhelm a thing of the past.

You already know that your mindset is the key to your success.

Your mind is also your greatest ally in making your life the best and most fulfilling it can be, when you know how to align it with your desires.

Affirmations, journaling, and meditation practices are fine, but they take too long to create lasting change, and there is a faster way.

I'm Penny, and I've spent 1000's of hours working with high achievers and entrepreneurs to overcome the second guessing and imposter syndrome they experienced.

Widely known as The Inner Voice Authority, I bring together my intuitive abilities, hypnosis and experience with entrepreneurship to help you have a confident and fulfilling life. 

Allow me to assist you in unlocking your mind's full potential. 

Most likely, you've been:

Using affirmations daily

Journaling for clarity and change

Practicing gratitude

Attending motivational seminars

You know there is so much more available to you, and you are right. I want you to know that CATALYST is different because it is designed to go right to the subconscious, quickly. 

With CATALYST you get access to:

Succinct videos to Illuminate the thoughts, stories and beliefs that operate beneath the surface

Quick Drop Theta hypnosis designed to train your brain to quickly and easily drop into hypnosis, even if you are an analyzing overthinker!

Quantum Sleep Hypnosis to program your subconscious to work for you while you sleep.

An entire vault of hypnosis audios for confidence, stress, healthy lifestyle, emotional release, inner connection and common entrepreneurial challenges.

New audios are added on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

Your time is valuable. CATALYST is to the point
and 100% actionable. 

Inside of CATALYST you get access to the Inner Confidence Accelerator. 

 A $997 value, this workshop, with a deep inner child healing hypnosis, has transformed lives on its own.

Optimized for mobile, CATALYST is with you where ever you are. With new audios added monthly, there will always be something you can tap into to optimize your mind.

You might be thinking you don't have 15 minutes every day for hypnosis. I'm curious what your future would look like if you could claw back all the time spent pushing through doubt and imposter syndrome. 

This 15 minutes a day will not only reprogram your mind, it will accelerate your success. 

  • I can find hypnosis audios for free. Why should I bother with Catalyst?
    The hypnosis audios in the CATALYST Mind Activation Vault are carefully curated from thousands of hours of highly niched work. Not only do I provide you with hypnosis audios, but also an entire series of succinct videos empowering you with awareness. This opens up a world of choice so you begin to master your thoughts and master your life.
  • Why is it only available in 3 months or a 1 year commitment?
    Hypnosis audios provide quick change, but unless you are working 1:1 with a professional like Penny, repetition is key. It takes anywhere from 21-60 days to wire in new habits (research is not in full agreement). Penny walks you through the best way to focus your attention so you get the most from the vault. On average it takes about a month for you to gain consistent traction on one issue before moving on to another.
  • Will I Lose Control In Hypnosis?
    No. You will not lose control. At any time you can open your eyes and respond to those around you. Most people with practice go very deep into a bliss state. When these deeper states occur you may not remember hearing all of the audio and it can sometimes take a few minutes to feel fully alert. Only use hypnosis when you can safely close your eyes and completely relax for the duration.
  • Isn't Hypnosis Just a Bunch of Stage Magic?
    This is a common misconception. There is actually a very large body of medical and neuroscience research on hypnosis. The most widely studied areas are the effective use of hypnosis for acute and chronic pain, Gut disorders such as IBS, and PTSD. The mind is truly one of the most under-utilized natural pharmacies in the world. Hypnosis creates an environment where the mind can set healing in motion.

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